Hello there!

Welcome to COYAA! We are a virtual, international flight club for young aviators (pilots and Air Traffic Controllers alike). We believe that young, future aviators should have a chance to share their passion with others of their age, not only to have fun, but to help each other grow and eventually reach their goal: becoming a licensed aviator. Keep on scrolling down to learn more about our club and how you can join!
P.S.- Membership is free!

The COYAA Overview

So what do we do again?

What is COYAA?

COYAA is an international flight club…you can think of it as a virtual, world-wide, 24/7, 7 days a week, aviator lounge. We are directed towards the youth (those who know how to fly and also those who don't), particularly those between the ages of 13 and 18 inclusive.

What do We Do?

COYAA is currently working on a dedicated forum, where everyone can talk about everything related to aviation. From questions, to comments, to photos, to just plain saying hello, the forums are the real COYAA lounge. Coffee not included.

COYAA also hosts several events on VATSIM each month. Being young as you and I are, we may not have the money or time real-world flight school training demands. However, that doesn’t stop us from learning as much as we can on the ground. VATSIM creates a wonderful atmosphere, simulating real-world ATC--pilot interactions through FSX, XPlane, and Prepare3D. We may not be experiencing the real thing, but the knowledge one can get from this sort of “playing” is truly priceless. COYAA takes it the extra mile by hosting these events, thus raising the density of controllers and pilots online (the sky is a pretty congested area as ironic as it may seem, so getting the “feel” for congested airspaces is pretty important in real life).

What if I'm Still Learning How to Fly?

No problem, at all! COYAA and all of its members are here to help you get started with flying. We have a page here where we outline the steps to becoming a starter pilot on VATSIM. We also give you some links to other sites who have dedicatedly put together such information for you.

The COYAA Goals

We have 4 main goals we strive to attain with our members.